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We are 30 weeks pregnant with our second child!

Planning for baby - what to start doing now...

4th May 2014

At 30 weeks pregnant, you are in your third trimester. This is the time to make sure you have all the essentials as you prepare for the baby. Assemble your strollers, bassinets, and cribs. Get enough batteries for the baby monitor and mobiles. You can get some rechargeable batteries to help you save money. Wash all the baby’s clothes and beddings and have your house cleaned. You also need to buy household supplies in bulk. This will ensure that you do not run out of shampoo, conditioner, bathing soap or moisturizer as soon as you get home from hospital. It is also an opportune time for the baby shower.

Baby Shower

You want to have a memorable experience to lead up to the birth of your baby. This requires some planning. Come up with a design for the baby shower cards and the number of people to invite to the shower. Personalize the online baby shower invitations by including your due date. A handwritten invitation is preferable. It is advisable to consult the guests about their availability for the shower before making the invites and knowing the sex so you know whether to send baby shower invitations for boys or baby shower invitations for girls.

Plan your baby shower decorations and setup. A simple bouquet is a great idea. Buy a large bouquet and use a glass or ceramic vase. The bouquet can be the focus of the room. You can get an affordable bouquet at a local florist store.

Experiment with seating arrangement for your shower. Come up with alternative seating options such as pillows and cushions. This will create a comfortable setting. You can also use some ottomans for seating. This is a great idea if you do not have too many extra chairs to accommodate the guests. Younger guests will enjoy seating on the floor.

A baby shower is supposed to be all about the mom-to-be but you should also appreciate the guests. Buy some favors for each guest. Personalize the favors by including the guests’ names. They will appreciate the effort you make.

Instead of creating a centerpiece for the shower, use the gifts the guests will bring. This will save both time and money. Place the gifts on a buffet or coffee table. The different colors will look create a great centerpiece.

Serve sandwiches, small desserts, tea, and colorful cocktails at the shower. Surprise your guests with some unusual drinks such as cinnamon rice milk. Remember to include both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for the guests.

Come up with some interesting game ideas for the shower. Choose simple games that every guest will enjoy. The games will keep the guests entertained for a few hours.

Daddy to be - advice for expectant fathers

2nd April 2014

From when you get her pregnant to when you welcome a new family member in your family, many things may happen that you are not well sure how to deal with them. However, you shouldn’t be in the dark in most of these things as you are expected to tackle them as they should. It is therefore wise to have a clue or idea of how to go about this period, especially when she is a month or so from her delivery date. Here is a guide to expectant fathers on how to go about their duties and responsibilities.

Get the Nursery Ready

Getting the nursery ready is one way to get yourself ready for the coming chapter in your life. You should actually start getting the nursery ready during the seventh month of your wife’s pregnant. This is to allow you enough time to assemble all the equipment you need.

You will need several equipment for your nursery and actually most of them are required as soon as the baby arrives. You will need to buy a crib, diaper bags and many diapers as you will require a large number of diapers per day. You too will shop for blankets, diaper disposal, clothes, changing table as well as bathing needs as the baby will require its own bathing equipment. A car seat for the baby will also be a requirement. Likewise, a small and short dresser complete with a small lamp will offer your kid the comfort he deserves. Having the nursery ready is the single most important way of preparedness for this blessing.

Get Ready For Hospital

By the eighth month, every bag should be packed. You should ensure that all what you need for the hospital is ready and well packed in your bags. Do not wait to be caught up empty handed. The reason why you need to have your bags early is that at times the baby might decide to come early. Most of the expectant fathers whose babies came early will tell you that they were caught with their pants down and it was a rush against time. Do not let this to happen especially if it is your first time.